Automotive products

Headrests for vehicles "Kalina", "Priora", "Datsun", "Largus", "NISSAN Almera", car branch pipe GAZon, gaskets for anatomical seats, rear-view mirrors "Chevrolet Niva", air ducts for vehicles "Largus", separators for vehicles "Priora".

Зеркала заднего вида

Today we offer exterior mirrors for passenger cars brands:

  • CHEVROLET (Niva)

The Development of new promising technologies allows us to constantly expand the range of products and update the range. In 2006 our production is noted by the diploma "100 best goods of RUSSIA"

Features of our mirrors:

  • electric heating
  • electrical control
  • injury-free folding Assembly in the direction of travel
  • enlarged view
  • anti-reflective coating
  • improved aerodynamic shape
  • turn repeater
  • body color

Детали, получаемые методом формирования пенополиуретанов

Production of various grades of PU (elastic, rigid, etc.) with the possibility of production services (filling PU) or products with a frame Assembly. The existing equipment allows for the manufacture of large parts of PU (car seats, furniture parts, etc.)

Extrusion blow molding parts