Production of car mirrors

Currently, more than 120 thousand mirrors are produced per year, taking into account the organization of the technological process within the QSB GM standards. The specifics of production and Assembly production. The design capacity is 1.0 million mirrors per year.

Rear-view mirrors - electrically controlled, heated mirror element, painted in the color of the car body. Parking node folding and turn signal repeater light (additional option).

Production of headrests

The company has 3 injection molding machines with a total capacity of 2.4 million parts per year. Manufactures headrests for vehicles "Kalina", "Priora", "Datsun", "Largus", "NISSAN", gaskets for anatomical seats.

Manufacturer of various grades of PU foam (flexible, rigid, etc.) with the possibility of production services (casting polyurethane) or products with a frame Assembly. The existing equipment allows for the manufacture of large parts from PU foam.

Production of air ducts

The company has 4 imported extrusion blow molding machines with a total production capacity of 2.7 million parts per year.

Production of extrusion-blown parts (air ducts, tanks, separators, etc.). Produce the items used in the manufacture of vehicles to heat the passenger compartment of the vehicle and the passengers ' feet.