Incoming inspection

Incoming inspection of components according to the agreed control samples

Production control

The device for monitoring the performance of mirrors.

Inspection shall be conducted with the aim of eliminating the dispatch of the products do not meet the set quality requirements. In particular, the stand is checked key characteristics of the mirror Assembly namely, checking the performance of the heating element (in terms of current) responsible for defrosting the mirror element from the ice in the winter, as well as checking the performance of the electric drive that moves the mirror element in the right up and down.

Industrial inspection mirrors for serviceability according to specifications.

In the production process carried out a health check on the mirror to match the basic characteristics which outlined the consumer. To be released from the fixation mirror, when the impact force is equal to 11+-3Нм and directed the movement of the car and against him, parallel to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. At the output control, the compliance of the current required for heating the heating element in the winter time, as well as the efficiency of the electric drive is checked.

The device for control of physical and mechanical characteristics of products from polyurethane foam.

Check of products from polyurethane foam (headrests, stuffing of automobile seats) on compliance of physical and mechanical characteristics to requirements of the drawing and GOST is carried out on the universal testing machine (breaking machine) . The machine is designed to measure the normalized value of the force measure and can be used for mechanical tests in the mode of stretching or compression of samples of structural materials (metals, plastics, etc.) and products (pipes, etc.).